3 years 11 months ago #7261 by DamonAlexand
The best example of this is saving change in a jar. A lot of people do it. It's amazing how much a jar full of change is worth. Try kicking it up a notch. Look at your dollar bills. There are 12 (A through L) and it denotes the regional Federal Reserve Bank that issued the bill. Pick one of the letters and save every dollar bill you come across. You won't miss a dollar here and there, will you? At the end of the month, put it in savings. We have the kids do this. We hope it will teach them the value of saving, a little about our Vibrant Money System, and maybe even some geography. We pick a different letter each month and put the bills in the college funds. One person we know does it with $5 bills by saving every bill he finds with the smaller Abraham Lincoln on it. He averages about $80 a month.

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